The Pyramid Ship is the simplistic essence of pure raw rock energy. The Pyramid Ship is John Hogg & Charlie Morton on guitars and drums respectively.

John Hogg’s past success comes full circle with The Pyramid Ship. The rock, blues, indie sound of his past is now nurtured, soulful and raw. The energy of Morton & Hogg doesn’t always feel contained, because it is not – it stretches boundaries, but not with much thought, just a feeling, a groove that is captured in a practice space and then simply recorded as-is.

Friends since teenagers it took a few serious projects before The Ship found life in a South London apartment. Hogg & Morton reached success with the band Moke in the 90s/00s with two albums on Dorado Records in the UK and Ultimatum/Artemis Records in the US. This resulted in tours and sharing the stage with acts such as Tonic, Kings X, Goo Goo Dolls and The Black Crowes. It was the latter act that led to a short project/collaboration with Rich Robinson called Hookah Brown. With the travelling logistics between the US & UK plus The Crowes reforming, John returned to his base in London.

Upon returning to the UK, Hogg & Morton worked on a few projects Charlie was producing. John then put together his new band “Hogg” and toured the UK circuit. This eventually led to making several contacts and another long distant collaboration back across the pond. A new era began with the band Kassini.

Together John Hogg & Shane Koss transformed early “Hogg” tunes into something much more. With one album released and a few East Coast tours under their belt, Kassini is alive and well.

Traveling back and forth across the pond is still not an easy task. While in the UK, John once again ran into Morton who was once again producing. Having a laugh as they say…John & Charlie found time inbetween studio sessions to pick up┬átheir┬árespective instruments and never looked back. A chance encounter, a musical connection, a place in time – The Pyramid Ship is spontaneous, natural, uncontrived and raw. Hogg has found a way to express himself in multiple ways. They all work.

This is The Pyramid Ship.