The Pyramid Ship is the simplistic essence of pure raw rock energy. The Pyramid Ship is John Hogg & Charlie Morton on guitars and drums respectively.

John Hogg’s past success comes full circle with The Pyramid Ship. The rock, blues, indie sound of his past is now nurtured, soulful and raw. The energy of Morton & Hogg doesn’t always feel contained, because it is not – it stretches boundaries, but not with much thought, just a feeling, a groove that is captured in a practice space and then simply recorded as-is.

Friends since teenagers it took a few serious projects before The Ship found life in a South London apartment. Hogg & Morton reached success with the band Moke in the 90s/00s with two albums on Dorado Records in the UK and Ultimatum/Artemis Records in the US. This resulted in tours and sharing the stage with acts such as Tonic, Kings X, Goo Goo Dolls and The Black Crowes. It was the latter act that led to a short project/collaboration with Rich Robinson called Hookah Brown. With the travelling logistics between the US & UK plus The Crowes reforming, John returned to his base in London.

Upon returning to the UK, Hogg & Morton worked on a few projects Charlie was producing. John then put together his new band “Hogg” and toured the UK circuit. This eventually led to making several contacts and another long distant collaboration back across the pond. A new era began with the band Kassini.

Together John Hogg & Shane Koss transformed early “Hogg” tunes into something much more. With one album released and a few East Coast tours under their belt, Kassini is alive and well.

Traveling back and forth across the pond is still not an easy task. While in the UK, John once again ran into Morton who was once again producing. Having a laugh as they say…John & Charlie found time inbetween studio sessions to pick up their respective instruments and never looked back. A chance encounter, a musical connection, a place in time – The Pyramid Ship is spontaneous, natural, uncontrived and raw. Hogg has found a way to express himself in multiple ways. They all work.

This is The Pyramid Ship.



Going Out The debut release is out now!

Soulful vocals evoke the swagger of the Mississippi and swampy vintage rock n’ roll

Limited Edition Digital Vinyl CD only available at gigs while supplies last.



Going Out EP by Chad Wolfe >>> full review

The recording wants to be out of control, but the juggernaut is tethered tightly to tradition—backbone rhythm and strong guitar. Makes it seem odd to reference Jack and Meg on this one, but The Pyramid Ship do it—they raise the ghosts of The White Stripes to compel this EP to work for those craving the simplicity of a guitar. A DrumVocalsPowerSex. We never knew if Meg and Jack were married, but we didn’t really care. They shook it down.


Going Out EP by Sound of Confusion >>> full review

With The Pyramid Ship and this debut EP, Hogg, along with musical partner Charlie Morton, is shaking off any shackles and simply delivering tight, superbly-crafted modern rock. The title track opens the EP and punches out in true style. There are shades of latter-day Stone Temple Pilots and lost Brit-rockers The Senseless Things, in the rolling grooves. It’s a powerhouse of a song driven by Hogg’s vocals; as was once said  it’s a “mindshaker meltdown” of a track.


Going Out EP by RockReviewPhil >>> full review

An indie rock sound with a 60’s garage rock feel and a full distorted guitar tone which at times creates an alternative rock blend, mixed with different vocal elements, this is sure to catch anyone’s attention as it did mine. The band consists of John Hogg on guitar andCharlie Morton on drums. John has had the most success out of the two, enjoying most of his success between 1997 and 2002 in the British alternative rock band Moke. He later formed Hookah Brown with famed guitarist Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes.

The Pyramid Ship’s debut EP Going Out may only contain four songs, but these four songs do the perfect job of giving an idea to listeners how the band sounds and what they are all about. Starting with its title track; truly a catchy song, starting right away with the “garage rock” Kinks-like tone of John’s guitar, its breaks in the music to make room for the singing of the verses, only to pick up in to a fun pop-punk like anthem of a chorus, never losing the great jamming feeling the song starts out with. It’s also one of those songs I enjoy that makes you think it is over with about a second of silence, only to burst right back out in to the garage rock classic that it is.


The Pyramid Ship at Scream Lounge by Pat Hennessy

With taut harmonies, monstrous riffs and killer hooks aplenty , The Pyramid Ship’s seven song set at Croydon’s Scream lounge was a master class in psychedelic, blues-infused indie-rock.

A unique collaboration between, John Hogg , guitar and vocals and Charlie Morton, drums and vocals, formerly of Moke, The Pyramid Ship develops the power duo template of The White Stripes and The Black Keys, transforming it from two-tone to explosive t technicolor. Oozing confidence as he explores the curves of his Crimson 330, Hogg steps onto his box of tricks to unleash a barrage of explosive riffs. Locking in with Morton’s crisp drumming, with its bass drum throbbing like a heart-beat, the pair lay down one hypnotic groove after the other.

His soaring , soulful vocals, evoke the swagger of the Mississippi and swampy vintage rock n’ roll, whilst sounding fresh and contemporary. ‘Super Wave’ , with its pulsating bass-riff was raw 21st Century Blues, fresh from the Mars Delta, (‘I’m watching a wheel…and on my knees’) with perhaps a nod to Band of Gypsys-era Hendrix, ‘Riding’ laid echo-drenched, almost African, wah-wah guitar, over a hypnotic groove. A deft cover of PiL’s Rise, fusing country picking with African drums, offers respite from the sonic bombast of their fine original songs. The acid-rock of ‘Shaking Alive’ seamlessly fused James Brown with the explosive fuzz of early Deep Purple or Black Sabbath. ‘Break it up’, the shows closer, ends the show on an anthemic high.

As the last squeal of feedback faded, my ears were still ringing. Their crisp musicianship, sonic mastery and crafted, infectious songs , tailor made for rock radio, prove that they are contenders for great things indeed.

FORKSTER review of The Pyramid Ship >>> original post

The Pyramid Ship took FORKSTER on a thrilling/swinging/psychedelic music journey!

Their music jam-packed my ears with exhilarating psychedelic/blues rock n’ roll furies. The paces and flows were robust with penetrating vocals, guitar wizardry merit and stellar drum pulses. They for me, had strong similarities to the “White Stripes” and “Lenny Kravitz” with their music and I was totally “Digging it”!

FORKSTER tells you to “Be on the music lookouts” for these ‘rocking cats’, ~The Pyramid Ship~ is sensational unsigned rock n’ roll!

Ross Condit – In Your Speakers >>> original post

I have a serious hard-on for these guys! The Carshalton, UK rock/psych/blues duo of John Hogg & Charlie Morton really tear it up in the same way The Kills, White Stripes, early, less produced Black Keys, or The Dead Weather (I know, they’re not a duo) do. Listening to The Pyramid Ship with your speakers turned up is like listening to a well produced garage band. It’s gritty, fresh, down and dirty, make you wanna strip down to your unmentionables and thrash around kind of music. John Hogg’s edgy bluesy guitar shreds, and Jack White/Jimi Hendrix inspired riffs and vocals are at the forefront of the sound. Charlie Morton adds the backbone on drums, which he throws a beating to like he would a mugger who just robbed his grandma. The music is pure, almost lo-fi. No synth tricks, no vocal washing, no overuse of reverb, just a grand rock n’ roll adventure. That’s pretty rare these days. All in all, this band crushes it. Keep an eye out for them!

Bugbear music @ The Dublin Castle

The Pyramid Ship takes the good old drum and bass 2 piece template and gets a ferocious groove on, somewhere between Led Zep and The Dead Weather and there’s a bit of T-Rex too, good tunes, decent players.



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